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The Marketing Group (TMG) is a student run organization at the University of Toronto Scarborough that is expressively connecting the community through various marketing related campus activities. TMG encourages students to find their inner pink sheep by discovering their own passions, giving them a competitive advantage to become the marketing leaders of tomorrow.



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TMG provides students with multiple opportunities to learn and express themselves during a wide range of events from networking to case competitions, as well as workshops and many more. TMG hosts memorable events that students truly enjoy, while making a positive impact for the growing student community.


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The Blog



Ever wanted to expand your knowledge and gain insight on current trends within the marketing industry, but don’t know where to start? “THE BLOG” is The Marketing Group’s very own News Forum which brings you thought-provoking articles, covering business topics such as brand management, economic trends, and consumer behaviour. These issues are uncovered to you by TMG’s very own media specialists, focusing on the most relevant commercial trends of today; by doing so, we hope to help you gain information on further illuminating your personal brand!



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15 Mar
The Importance of Managing Your Personal Brand

Individuals take managing their personal brand lightly, especially when it’s a work or connection/network opportunity atmosphere. Your…

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15 Mar
Suit Quality

With most things in life, you get what you pay for and this particularly true in the sphere of menswear. There are major differences between a cheap $200 suit and a $2,000+ bespoke suit.

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15 Mar
5 Marketing Campaigns With a Positive Message For Women

On March 8, 2016, International Women’s Day was the number 1 hashtag trend on Twitter. In remembrance of this day, lets take a look at 5 marketing campaigns with a positive message for women!

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