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Specialist Hiring

You’re a go getter – the type of person that takes advantage of presented opportunities and wants to make the most of their university experience. If that’s you, then applying to become a First Year Specialist might be the most intelligent decision you’ve made since applying to U of T. You would be working on TMG Projects alongside our Executives; these are seniors in your program that will not only show you the most strategic ways of navigating through your degree, but the inner workings of managing a conference, establishing strong sponsorship connections, and maintaining a positive social media presence with the student body.

Submit your application before the deadline of September 18th to secure your spot with TMG !

How do I Apply?

1. Scroll down and read all the roles
2. Fill out the application/s for your favourite role/s (you can apply for more than one!)
3. Follow the submission instructions in the application
4.Email your application to austinc@themarketinggroup.org

Content Specialist

Looking to create, brand, and develop something? Working as a Content Specialist will allow you to help develop TMG’s communications, outreach and branding. You will also work with Media Directors and CMO to meet TMG’s needs from a marketing perspective. You will find creative ways to promote TMG and further its online engagement.

Requirements for this superstar role:

• Contribute and help with the publication of monthly newsletters
• Willing to learn and develop their skills in Photoshop and programs required
• Excited to aid in implementing and managing social media outlets and publications
• Organized and able to work in groups effectively

Download the Content Specialist Application

Design Specialist

The Design Specialists work with the amazing Creative Directors and the CMO to create promotional materials and give their input on visual decisions for TMG’s events. In addition, they will get to be mentored by both the directors and CMO in building their portfolio and becoming Design wizards.

Requirements for design wizards-to-be:

• Excellent creativity, organizational, and teamwork skills
• Motivated to learn the programs necessary for the position and willing to practice to achieve design skills
• Interested in branding, illustrations, video production, and design
Download the Design Specialist Application

Digital Communications Specialist

The online presence of TMG and the its website relies on your hands. You will be working with the directors and the Chief Technical Officer in creating unique and engaging content for the website, as well as keeping it running.

Requirements for this Tech-savvy position:

• Familiarity with basic website design (WordPress), HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript is an asset. Photoshop and other design programs are helpful too.
• Desire to learn and complete tasks
• Provide support for the directors and CTO in maintaining the TMG website
Download Digital Comm Specialist Application

Visual Media Specialist

Want to work with a Youtuber that has over 18k subscribers? Want to work with cameras, create videos and be a creative media guru? As a Visual Media specialist you will assist in creating promotional visual media for TMG. As a specialist you will learn the tricks and trades of a successful media promotion through video.

Requirements for creative visual media god:

• Have some experience in video editing
• Willing to learn editing software
• Creative with an eye for visually appealing promotional content
• Organized and able to meet tight deadlines

Download the Visual Media Specialist Application

Operations Specialist

As Operations Specialists, you will be aiding Operations Directors and COOs in running all of TMG’s astounding events. You will be there for the brainstorming, planning and delivering of the events. You will also help and learn the how-tos of detailed logistics, securing sponsorships, and event coordination.

Requirements for the ideal specialist:

• Excellent time management and organizational skills
• Driven with leadership and initiative
• Works well in a team
• Strong negotiation and problem solving skills

Download the Operations Specialist App

External Relations Specialist

As a Business Development specialist you will participate in expanding TMG’s relationship with external companies and sponsor outreach. You will work with the Development director and with the Chief Development Officer in planning future events and developing brand awareness.Requirements for the Development role:
• A strong ability to pitch TMG’s brand to external contacts and sponsors
• Excellent interpersonal, communication and multi-tasking skills
• Superior work ethic and organization skills

Download the External Relations Specialist Application