Meet the Female Models


Meet Dora! She’s a 3rd year City, Studies and Public Policy student. In five years, she hopes to see herself as an environmental journalist or “if that doesn’t work out, [she’ll just] marry a rich guy.” Her fashion style consists of heels, comfort, and a little bit of edginess. Heels are her signature item because they make her feel confident. During our interview with Dora, we discovered that Switzerland is the country she would love to travel back to because she adored the beautiful sceneries.



Meet Exilia! A first year Management and International Business student that wishes to pursue her graphic design degree and work at a marketing firm in 5 years. She is wearing a gray scarf, cute black dress, edgy military jacket and Steve maddens shoes. An essential item in her closet is jeans because she wears them “way too often.” Aside from Fashion, she wishes to go back to Koh Samui, a popular island in Thailand.


Meet Kyrstal! She’s a 3rd year student doing a double major in Human Geography and Sociology. The style she’s rocking in this photo consists of a body suit, along with a blazer and leopard print scarf from Dynamite. She’s also wearing jeans and a black leather clutch from Guess, paired with simple brown boots. A signature item in her closet would be her high waisted shorts, which she can’t imagine a summer day without! She would love to go back to Halifax and relive the days she had there when she was younger. Also, in five years she sees herself teaching young impressionable minds (like herself) about Canadian Geography.


Meet TJ! A 3rd year double major in Human Biology and Psychology, TJ has both beauty and the brains. TJ loves to put her own spin on seasonal trends, being fashion forward and comfy at the same time. One must-have item in TJ’s closet is her diamond mosaic blanket scarf from Aritzia (adore!) which she wears endlessly. Aside from fashion, one of TJ’s favourite locations is Germany as she fell in love with its unique architecture, culture and rich history. In the future, she seeks to realize the goals she set for herself, surrounded by the same supportive friends and that same old love (a potentially cheeky Selena Gomez reference).



TMG’s creative director Victoria O is specializing in Arts Management with a major in music and culture. She loves her Keoki Speckled Turtleneck by Club Monaco, ripped skinny jeans by Zara and black wool coat by Banilla B. Victoria is a fan of casual wear, so she prefers simple solid color shirts paired with skinny jeans. For her, clothes that fit her body type is the key to dressing. Victoria loves her black leather jacket, which is a classic and versatile piece that matches anything. Ever since visiting Brooklyn, she has fell in love with New York City. The diverse demographics, art galleries and countless concerts are perfect for Victoria’s creative and artsy side. Though in five years she sees herself at school, Victoria has the vision of working with orchestras or a creative director in fashion.


Meet Abissheka, a 2nd year Business Management student that hopes to become an entrepreneur and compete for Miss Universe Canada (more like #MissTMG). She is wearing a white crop top from Forever 21 and light green pants from Loft, paired with white heels from Le Chateau. A must-have item in her closet would be sweaters. She’s that kind of girl who rocks a sweater in the summer just because she wants to. A place that Abissheka really loved was the Czech Republic because of the atmosphere and culture. She would definitely love to explore it all over again!


Meet Aiman, a 4th year Marketing student! In 5 years she sees herself climbing her way up the corporate ladder while tapping in to her inner wanderlust. Her personal style could be described as contemporary, yet sophisticated. For her photo shoot, she wore a knitted jumper paired with black leggings, and suede booties. She further accessorized her look with a black statement necklace and an Aztec print poncho. An item in her closet that she cannot live without would be her beige leather blazer. She loves the fact that her blazers are so versatile and can go with anything in her wardrobe! Aiman is in awe of Turkey’s rich historical architecture and considers it an “archaeological gem.” Who wouldn’t want to travel to Turkey just to devour their Baklava? (Aiman would return in a heart beat).



Meet Aishwarya, a 4th year Arts Management Specialist with a double minor in Theatre Perfomance and Media Studies! After graduation, she sees herself working at a place where she’ll have opportunities to develop her skills in the arts and performance industry and network with professionals in the entertainment industry. During our photo shoot, she rocked a pair of distressed denim jeans with a super cute white tank top. She went for a chunky sandal look and added a structured army green blazer to top her outfit off. A must-have item in her closet would be her charcoal lightweight knit sweater and she would also love to travel back to London, England!



Meet Fajar, she’s a first year Human Biology student here are UTSC! In 5 years she hopes to have her Honours of Bachelors degree and hopefully even engaged (sounds like she’s taken gentlemen, SORRY). Her personal style is a laid back, comfortable, look that is yet still fashionable. A signature item that would describe her fashion style would be her leather jacket. She loves rocking the leather jacket, from outfits ranging from simple jeans to cute dresses. Fajar’s recent visit to Paris resulted in her falling in love with the food, people, architecture, and just in general, the atmosphere. Paris is definitely on her revisit list.