TMG Director Hiring

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Pink Sheep?

Psst, guess what? TMG is hiring and we want YOU to join the herd!


Calling all students! We want you!
You heard us. If you’re creative, passionate, and excited about making a difference, we want you on our team! Why TMG? We want to help you stand out from everyone else. University isn’t just about academics, it’s about meeting new people, expanding your networks and most importantly, improving and gaining skills that are applicable in the real world.We enjoy challenges with a side of creativity and we never take no for an answer. We’re a fun group of students who work hard, play harder and we’d love for you to join us.Like what you hear? APPLY to be a TMG Director!    Below is a listing of all our available Executive positions for 2017-18:


Digital Communications Director (2)
Social Media Director (1)
Creative Director (2)
Operations Director (4)
Development Director (1)
Internal Affairs Director (1)
Media Director (2)
Project Director (5)

The deadline to submit TMG’s Executive Application form is Sunday April 16, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.



*don’t forget to email your applications to


Internal Affairs Director (1) – Team communications

The Internal Affairs Director will be at the centre of communications within TMG. Their core responsibilities include managing team social events, developing the Specialist Program, and working with the Chief Executive Officer to develop team morale throughout the year.

This development role requires:

  •  A go-getter attitude and vibrant personality is an asset
  •  Excellent communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills
  •  Eager to learn and be able to mentor others in a team setting
  •  Experience in event coordination and strong organizational skills

Creative Directors (2)

The Creative Directors are responsible for the aesthetics and branding of TMG. Working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer, the core responsibilities of this position will consist of creating promotional materials, and brainstorming visual decisions to assist the events.


This design savvy role requires:

  • Past experience in creating promotional materials is an asset
  • Knowledge in Adobe Creative Suites is an asset
  • Positive attitude towards learning necessary programs, self-motivated to experiment and practice design skills
  • Interest in branding, illustrations, video production, and design
  • Excellent organizational, teamwork and interpersonal skills

Social Media Director (1) – all about community

What’s an organization without its promotional push? As the Media Director, you will oversee the growth and the maintenance of TMG’s plethora of social media presence and find creative ways to portray our brand. You will work with the Chief Marketing Officer in your social media and publication ventures, increasing TMG’s online exposure and engaging the online community. In short, propelling TMG’s brand will be your responsibility.


This exciting role requires:

  • Experience in implementing and managing social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc) and publications
  • Able to work effectively in a team setting
  • Competent to organize and manage publication requirements for monthly newsletter
  • Ability to be responsive and meet tight deadlines
  • Familiarity with Photoshop and other design programs is a benefit, but not required

Digital Communications Director (2)-TMG’s online brand

You will manage the hub of our online presence, the website, and present a wealth of knowledge to our audience. The online world is not stagnant and we need to be on top of the game. As the Digital Communications Director, you will be responsible for spearheading this effort and, along with the Chief Technical Officer, ensuring that TMG’s website is showing off unique and original content consistently. Training in WordPress, HTML/CSS will be provided!


This tech-savvy role requires:

  • Building and maintaining the TMG website with the assistance of the CTO
  • Focusing on both the aesthetic and functional elements of the website, with a keen eye towards design
  • Providing ad-hoc support towards any database/administration tasks as needed for the rest of the team
  • Strong desire to learn and meet tight deadlines, proactive with suggestions
  • Ability to take control of a project and finish it with little to no guidance
  • Familiarity with basic website design (WordPress), HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript is an asset. Photoshop and other design programs are helpful too.

Project Director (5)– The Team Visionaries

Looking to help build something from the ground up? TMG’s Project Directors work closely with the Chief Strategy Officers to design and implement our flagship case competition and conference. This role provides the Directors with great autonomy and responsibility to develop valuable project management skills. Directors will be given the opportunity to work in a variety areas including business development, event planning, and case development.


The ideal candidate should:

  • Have excellent time-management skills and ability to prioritize.
  • Have excellent work ethic.
  • Be able to work independently.
  • Be self-motivated and willing to approach a multitude of challenges.
  • Possess advanced communication skills, both written and oral, with a focus on professional communications.
  • Have a positive attitude and keen desire to learn.
  • Have some experience in project management.

The Operations Directors (4) are at the heart of TMG – Our events!

As an Operations Director, you will direct and coordinate the operations of the whole team. You will not only be responsible for executing all events planned, but also creating new and exciting events throughout the year. The Operations Director role covers an impressive range from creating detailed logistics, securing sponsorships, and overseeing the entire event coordination process from top to bottom. This position works closely with the Chief Operations Officers.

This superstar role requires:

  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Spot-on verbal communication
  • Demonstrated leadership and initiative
  • Ability to work effectively in a team setting
  • Prior business development or corporate relations experience is an asset
  • Excellent judgment and creative problem solving skills including negotiation and conflict resolution skills

The Development Director (1)– The link

The Development Director will play a key role in providing a strategic plan to expand the Marketing Group’s relationship with external companies and sponsor outreach. As a development director, you will be collaborating with the Operations Director in planning future events. You will also be responsible for proactively building partnerships with potential sponsors and developing brand awareness.

The candidate has:

  • Superior interpersonal and communication skills; written, verbal and presentation
  • Demonstrated initiative
  • Proven organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Outstanding work ethic, high energy, with strong passion to contribute to team success
  • Prior business development or corporate relations experience is an asset