Spring 2018, a Time to Look Forward to!

A new five storey addition facing military trail will add a much needed space and modernization to the campus of University of Toronto Scarborough. Students already can’t wait to see Highland Hall join the campus.


Source/ Image Source: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/aboutus/highland-hall


What’s in it ?


The 134,216 square foot building will house faculty and administrative offices, student services, lounges, and event and study spaces. (In other words, everything!) Perhaps this building will help alleviate the critical issue of study spaces at UTSC.


What is it for?


Highland hall will be a new home for Social Sciences departments and for the UTSC Registrar’s office. This building will also help bring the community together through more access and engagement.


This project will cost $52 million dollars, an investment that has been needed taking the campus forward. Highland Hall as shown in the picture will be an extraordinary work of art that echoes architectural manipulations into a series of volumes that are stacked, offset, and twisted. It will help bring strong contrasts to the rugged concrete (SW Building)  Architecture of John Andrew’s buildings.


The student body of UTSC is already excited and can’t wait for this new building to be ready for our use!


If you are curious about construction and updates, visit the Highland Hall construction page for up-to-date information: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/aboutus/highland-hall-construction


There is also a live webcam! Watch it here: http://www.ucitonline.com/uofthighlandhall


By Queena Zeng




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