How to do Well in Case Competitions

Get some insight on how to do well in case competitions from one of TMG’s Operation Director’s, as well as a recognized UTSC student who has won multiple competitions. This can help you prepare for TMG’s first ever marketing based case competition, Ignite.

How to do Well in Case Competitions


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take part in a case competition or how to even do well in them? With TMG’s first ever case competition, Ignite, quickly approaching, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some TMG wisdom on how to do well in case competitions. I asked Christo, the Operations Director on TMG, as well as Harshil, a multi-award winning 4th year student, to share some insights on their successful experiences and what tips they could provide.

Although they both agree that there is no solid formula to winning, they both still believe that these 6 tips can help you do well in case competitions.


1) Be Yourself

Participating in case competitions can be very stressful, causing you to feel very anxious and uneasy. Nerves get to everyone, but just remember to be yourself and don’t let it all get into your head. You shouldn’t worry that you are the pink sheep in the crowd, just unleash it.


2) Never Be Intimidated

Case competitions usually require a presentation of your recommendation to a panel of judges, and for some this can be quite intimidating. Don’t forget that you’re not alone on this one, you have your team presenting right there with you. And if it makes it any easier, you could always picture the judges wearing a funny costume.

Christo (2nd from the left) is pictured with his team, who won 3rd place at Unilever’s Elevate Your Brand Case Competition


3) Believe What you are Saying

Your body language and facial expressions can be very telling when presenting in front of the judges. Like Harshil, pictured on the right, have passion, believe in what you are saying, and never underestimate yourself. This will demonstrate confidence and courage, which is crucial when convincing the judges.


4) Have an Unexpected Solution

As unfair as it sounds, judges in case competitions often sit in a room and listen to the same solution being proposed by teams over and over again. Repeating that solution does not do you any favours. If the competition allows, come up with a conventional solution, as well as an unconventional alternative. That said, don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Treat the unconventional idea as equally important in terms of the analysis and research you put behind it.


5) Trust Your Team

As soon as you read through the case, your first step should be to identify the deliverables and divide the necessary tasks amongst your team mates based on their individual strengths. However, once the division has been done, it is equally important to trust your team to get the job done. A lack of trust may lead you to continually look over their shoulders, therefore, build a diverse team with core strengths and choose people with a proven track record of succeeding under pressure. This will keep your mind uncluttered and allow you to complete your own tasks to the best of your ability, as well as making your team more versatile.


6) Have Fun

Case competitions should not always be about the prize money, it should be about the experiences you make out of it, not to mention all the relationships and networks you’ve built from it. At the end of the day, remember to have fun!


By: Petrina Huang, Christo Mohan, and Harshil Dhanky

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